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The Uniform has Changed. 30 Years Later.

Steve is Still Ready to Serve


Liberty, Freedom, and Opportunity

Steve Lebsock was born in Sterling, Colorado, where the generations of Lebsock farmers and ranchers are known for their hard work and entrepreneurship.  Steve is the first generation to live away from the family farm graduating from Westminster High School.  After high school, Steve joined the United States Marine Corps.  He is an honorably discharged veteran who earned the G.I. Bill while serving. Steve graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver, while working full time at a corrugated box plant in Wheat Ridge.

In 1998, Steve settled in Thornton and his son, Liam, currently attends high school in nearby Adams School District 12.  Wanting to give back to his community, Steve served on City Council in Thornton for eight years. While serving in that capacity he approved city budgets that exceeded $200 million.  Steve still enjoys local volunteer opportunities in his community.  He and his son “adopted” a one-mile stretch of Huron Street near their home in 2011 and enjoy volunteering to beautify Huron by cleaning up trash on that roadway each month.

For the past five years, Steve has served the State as a Colorado State Representative.  Several colleagues refer to him as the "Liberty Democrat" because Steve believes in liberty, freedom and opportunities for every Coloradoan. "That is what we fight for. That is what I will always fight for", Lebsock says.

The Office of State Treasurer requires a solid knowledge of the needs of the citizens to safeguard liberty, freedom and opportunity.  As State Treasurer, Steve will invest our tax dollars locally, when possible, and with a steady hand.  It is also a high priority for Steve to reform and improve the Unclaimed Property division in the Treasurer's Office, in order to put that property back into the hands of Coloradoans. Colorado needs a Treasurer who will protect PERA and honor our commitment to the Public Employees Retirement Association and support our teachers, State employees and retirees.

The Uniform Has Changed. 30 Years Later.

Steve Is Still Ready To Serve