Most Qualified

Steve Lebsock is the most qualified candidate running for Colorado State Treasurer. Steve is the only candidate who has approved State budgets exceeding 28 billion dollars and approved a city budget exceeding 200 million dollars. We need someone with this level of experience as our next State Treasurer. 

We also deserve a State Treasurer with a steady hand with a record of fiscal responsibility. Steve was on Thornton City Council from 2003 to 2011. The great recession of 2008 caused layoffs and furloughs in local governments all over the country, but, not in the city where Steve was responsible for approving a 200 million dollar budget with a 20 percent general fund reserve (rainy-day fund).  Cities all over Colorado experienced hundreds of layoffs. The city that Steve governed had no layoffs. Steve is the only candidate, Democrat or Republican, who has this level of budgetary experience and a strong record of fiscal responsibility. 

Prior to his service as a State Representative, Steve worked for the Department of Interior in Lakewood. His primary responsibility was drafting requests for proposals (RFP) and drafting requests for quotes (RFQ). Steve will make sure the next RFP advertised by the State of Colorado includes language which allows local Colorado banks to compete for State of Colorado contracts.


The Uniform has Changed. 30 Years Later.

Steve is Still Ready to Serve